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Ramble Jam Country Music Festival - September 14 & 15, 2018
Chris Hawkey at Ramble Jam Country music festival



6:00 PM

Late 2016, Chris Hawkey released his latest album Shine. “I named the record “Shine” after seeing a photo of our appearance at the Ramble Jam Country Music Festival in late 2016,” Hawkey said. “The photo, taken by Kelly Kamish of Kix Photography, showed a perfect moment in time. The sun was going down, the crowd was singing, and the smile on my face was like a window into my soul. I couldn’t tell what was shining more brightly, the sun or my smile. Those moments are examples of pure joy. Moments when I feel perfectly content. Moments when I can feel Love Shining at me from every directions. And I am doing my best to shine it right back. That’s the feeling I think we captured on this record.”

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