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Camping Rules – Every person camping at the Dakota County Fairgrounds does so at his or her own risk. The Rotary Club of Farmington, its members, those under contract with the organizers or the Dakota County Fair or Dakota County Ag Society, its managers and members, assume no responsibility for the actions of any guests or visitors to these areas.


Check-in time for Thursday camping is 4 PM to 8 PM

Check-in on Friday and Saturday begins at 8 AM.

All campers must be removed by 11:00 am on Sunday of the event weekend.


Fri./Sat. RV site with electric: $150 (fee includes two nights)
Fri./Sat. RV or tent site with no electric: $100 (fee includes two nights)
Thurs. night add-on RV site with electric: $50 (must also purchase Fri./Sat. night)
Thurs. night add-on RV  or tent site with no electric: $40 (must also purchase Fri./Sat. night)

Each person at your campsite must also purchase a $20 per-person camping pass and have a two-day event ticket.

Camping fee does not include access to the festival.

Fri./Sat. sites are for two days only. You must purchase a Fri./Sat. site to also purchase a site for Thursday night. Everyone in the camping areas must have a two-day event ticket and a per-person camping pass.

SHOWERS: There are shower facilities located in the two permanent restroom buildings on the fairgrounds.

RESTROOMS: There are two permanent restroom buildings on the fairgrounds. Port-a-potties will be provided around the fairgrounds and in the festival area.

VEHICLES: One vehicle per camp site. All other vehicles must park in the designated general parking area. Extra vehicle passes are not available. There is no additional fee for vehicle parking, but everyone in the campground must have a two-day event ticket and a per-person camping pass. Please do not park or abandon vehicles on the campground roadways. Illegally parked vehicles will be impounded and you will be assessed an impound fee. 10 MPH limit at all times on the fairgrounds.

RECREATIONAL TOYS: ATV’s, dirt bikes, golf carts and other recreation vehicles are prohibited from use on the festival grounds. They will be impounded and assessed an impound fee.

MOTORCYCLES: No motorcycles unless this is your mode of transportation to and from the festival. All motorcycles must be parked in the designated area.

TENTS: There will be an area specifically designated for tent camping. No vehicles will be allowed in that tent camping area. There will be a drop off location for your tent and supplies. There will be one designated parking space per tent camp site in a specific area near the tent camping area. All other vehicles must park in general parking area. There is no additional fee for vehicle parking. Due to state regulation, there must be at least 7 feet between tents.

CANOPIES: EZ-up canopies are acceptable at a maximum of 10’x10′ and must fit within your campsite space and cannot block any transportation routes.

POOLS: Pools must be no larger than 6 feet in diameter and removed by you when you leave. If not removed, there will be a $100 clean up and disposal fee.

BEVERAGES: You can bring your own beverages for your campsite. NO glass containers and NO kegs. NO OUTSIDE BEVERAGES WILL BE ALLOWED INTO THE MUSIC FESTIVAL AREA – NO EXCEPTIONS! Charging for any kind of beverage at your campsite is NOT ALLOWED! Any of the above will cause immediate removal from the grounds and festival. No refunds if removed.

GARBAGE: Campsites must be kept clean throughout the event. Bag all trash and refuse and place it alongside the blacktop road for pick up. We appreciate your help in keeping the fairgrounds clean. All campsites must be cleaned and all campers removed by 11:00 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 13. If campsite is not left in as clean of condition as when you arrived, there will be a $100 fee assessed.

FURNITURE: Lawn chairs are acceptable but no couches, loveseats, lazy boy type chairs or any other crazy furniture you can think of. And no mattresses allowed under the stars. You must have an enclosed camper or tent to sleep in.

VENDING: Unauthorized vending is strictly prohibited and will be cause for immediate removal from the grounds and festival. There is a vending application available in the Become a Vendor section of the website.  No refunds if removed.

BEHAVIOR: No sexually aggressive or inappropriate behavior will be tolerated. No fighting, punching, kicking or wrestling. Be courteous of the surrounding neighborhoods.  Be respectful of the noise level and curfew. Excessive noise levels can cause the immediate removal of everyone in your campsite. No refunds if removed.

NOISE: Talking, singing, radios, televisions, etc. must be kept at a volume that will not disturb other guests or surrounding neighbors. Absolutely no amplified PA systems, DJs or sound systems will be permitted in any camping area. There is a noise ordinance by Dakota County with a curfew of 11:30 p.m. The Dakota County Sheriff will patrol, monitor and enforce.

Please be courteous to our neighbors. Have fun but respect others – anyone acting abusive or causing trouble will be removed from the grounds. No refunds if removed.

LIVE MUSIC: NO live music is permitted in the camping area during festival hours. Again, absolutely no amplified PA systems or sound systems will be permitted in any camping area.

PETS: Pets must be leashed when outside your unit and remain in the campground. Pets are NOT allowed in or near the concert bowl area.

WEAPONS: NO weapons of any kind permitted on the grounds, in campsites or the festival area. NO EXCEPTIONS!

FIRES: NO open fires. When using a portable fire pit the top must always be in place. NO fireworks of any kind, including sparklers or firecrackers.

GRILLS: Propane grills only are allowed. NO charcoal grills or open flames of any type or size are permitted.

CHILDREN: Children are allowed to attend the event, but remember that Ramble Jam is really for adults. All children age 15 and under should be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times. Children are required to have an event ticket to attend and must have a per-person camping pass if camping.

SECURITY: Ramble Jam personnel and the Dakota County Sheriff Department will be on patrol throughout the campsite and festival grounds. If you are in need of assistance, please contact any security personal, sheriff or Ramble Jam management.  Please be courteous, respectful and abide by their instructions. Any behavior that is deemed inappropriate can and will be cause for removal from the festival and fairgrounds. If removed there are NO refunds.

MEDICAL: There is an EMT on site during the festival hours of operation. If you are in need of assistance, please contact any security personnel, sheriff or Ramble Jam management.

LEGAL AGE: Drinking age of 21+ will be enforced. It’s the law! Citations will be issued for violations.

BAD WEATHER:  In the event of severe weather, a warning will be issued. The two permanent restroom buildings are shelter in the event of severe weather. Please follow instructions given.

LAWS: All federal, state and local laws will be enforced by law enforcement.

FINAL: All sales are final. NO REFUNDS or exchanges permitted.

All parties involved in the organization of Ramble Jam are NOT responsible for lost or stolen items nor damage to person or property whether on the fairgrounds, campsites, festival or concert area.

Disorderly conduct and destroying of property will not be tolerated and is grounds for removal from the fairgrounds, campground, festival and concert area. If removed there are NO refunds. Damage to property or necessary cleanup will be at the cost of the registered camper or festival attendee.

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