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Chris Kroeze Ramble Jam Sept 14



4:00 PM

Singer and Songwriter Chris Kroeze connects with both the hearts and minds of audiences across various generations through his genuine country soul and his unique and alluring vocal delivery as he performs more than 200 shows per year. Kroeze performs all across the U.S. and internationally, including multiple tours overseas each year in support of our U.S. Armed Forces.

A call from the producers of NBC’s Emmy Award Winning television show, The Voice, catapulted Kroeze onto the National Stage this year. Kroeze’s combination of vocal and guitar skills, along with his humility and small town country boy nature, captured the hearts of millions of fans from coast to coast.

Kroeze released his new album early 2019 and lives in Barron, Wisconsin with his wife, daughter, son and their dog Meatloaf.

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