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Thank you for considering volunteering! Please read the General Information below and make sure you understand the expectations and benefits of being a Ramble jam volunteer.


Ramble Jam’s fundraising success is made possible because of volunteer support. Each year generous individuals, large groups of friends, community clubs and organizations come forward to volunteer. This year we need just 500 volunteers.


TIMES OF SERVICE: The shift times vary each day depending on duties and event needs. The majority of volunteer shifts are 4 to 5 hours. PLEASE PLAN TO ARRIVE 20 MINUTES EARLY to allow sufficient time to for parking, checking in and a brief orientation.

VOLUNTEER DUTIES: The specific jobs and times will be available on the volunteer website.  We need everything from bartenders to environmental experts (aka trash detail), from admissions to grounds patrol to security.

AGE REQUIREMENTS: All volunteers are recommended to be at least 16 years old.  Bartenders must be 21 years of age and will have a mandatory training prior to the shift start time.

BENEFIT YOU RECEIVE:  Free admission as follows:

Friday day or evening shift – Friday only event wristband
Saturday day or evening shift – Saturday only event wristband

MORE THAN ONE SHIFT?: You can volunteer for as many shifts as you want, all on one day or both days. If you volunteer for more than one shift, make sure to give yourself a window for a break.

PARKING: Volunteer parking is in the general parking area for the event. Parking is FREE and a short walk to the concert area.

GENERAL RULES: A few simple rules we ask that you follow. Be on time. You must be sober for your volunteer shift. There is no consumption of alcoholic beverages allowed during your volunteer shift. All volunteer beverages must be paid for. To protect yourself, make sure another volunteer witnesses you paying for your beverage. No smoking on your shift while in your position. Do NOT vacate your position without prior approval from your Rotarian supervisor. Dress for the weather. Be prepared for rain, sun or snow. HAVE FUN! People are there to have a good time, you should too.

CODE OF CONDUCT: You are representing Ramble Jam and the Rotary Club of Farmington while volunteering. Please be polite, courteous and respectful to festival attendees, managers, artists and other volunteers at all times. You must be sober to volunteer. If you are in a backstage volunteer position, respect the artists and their privacy. Put being a fan aside for a couple hours. Sexual harassment or any derogatory, degrading comments will not be tolerated. Please do not promote another purpose or cause while volunteering unless approved by Ramble Jam and the Rotary Club of Farmington. Any of the above can be grounds for relief from your volunteer shift. If you are relieved for any reason you will not receive your wristband.


COMMUNITY PARTNER!  Do you have a non-profit group or organization that would like to volunteer? Do you want a chance to raise some money for your non-profit group or organization? If so, please email us at for more information.

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